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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Other resources you may be interested in besides the ones we are already linked to:

Grace UMC Newsletter We take our member's privacy seriously, so contact information is hidden in the web version of our newsletter.  Members can find this information in the church directory or by contacting the church office. 

The Wired Word - Current Events Sunday School Lesson

2020 Revised Common Lectionary - Sundays and Special Days Only - Year A

Cokesbury offers resources for the Christian journey such as Bibles, study guides, books, gifts, and curriculum. 

The Interpreter Magazine - the official magazine for United Methodist laity and clergy published by the United Methodist Communications division. 

The General Board of Discipleship assists annual conferences, districts, and local churches of all membership sizes in their efforts to win persons to Jesus Christ as his disciples and to help these persons to grow in their understanding of God that they may respond in faith and love, to the end that they may know who they are and what their human situation means, increasingly identifying themselves as children of God and members of the Christian community, to live in the Spirit of God in every relationship, to fulfill their common discipleship in the world, and to abide in the Christian hope.

Virginia Conference of United Methodist Churches - website for statewide United Methodist church, resources, and information.

Rev. Elizabeth Quick's blog from New York state. - if you are interested in blogging yourself!

Christian Educators website, including program resources, networking and career information.

Methodist history, book reviews and notes about meetings.


Being Christian involves being shaped by the language of the Christian tradition, including the Bible as the foundation of the tradition. Some people in this church understand Christian language quite literally and factually. Others understand it more symbolically and metaphorically. What we share is a common passion for the more-than-literal meaning of the stores and teachings that shape us.