Grace United Methodist Church Newport News, VA
Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Celebrating God's love, seeking God's direction together.



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May 5th:         5:30 pm Youth Group meeting 

May 12th:       No Youth Group Meeting

May 19:          5:30 pm Youth Group meeting

May 26th:      No Youth Group Meeting





Sunday mornings September - June
for Middle and High School students

This class involves Bible Study, group discussion and meaningful activities,

brought to you by the high energy, creative, crazy mind and heart

of Garrett Ouzts, teacher extraordinaire.  

Mission Statement:
Our goals for the youth of Grace UMC are to:
  • Enrich the lives of the youth in a spiritual manner
  • Bring the youth together in a way in which they can all connect
  • Help them interact with one another and let go of their differences
  • Improve spiritual understanding through critical thinking
What does youth group mean to our youth?
"A place where we can come together in a group to meet new people and grasp a deeper understanding of our faith."
Why do the youth come to youth group?
-Make friends/Meet new people
Why do our youth think think their parents send them to youth group?
"They want us to meet new people and create new friendships who will help widen our faith and build our character."
Why do the youth think that youth group is important to God?  What does He want the youth to get out of it?
"God is Awesome and we wants us to acquire great friends, a higher knowledge, wisdom and a better understanding of Him."