Grace United Methodist Church Newport News, VA
Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Thank You People of Grace

School Supplies Collection - Thank you!  Thank you!

I walked into the doors of the Salvation Army the other day with a small box in my hands. The lady at the window asked if she could help me. I informed her that I wanted to drop off some school supplies. She looked at the box and replied, “You can leave them here” (with her at the window). I then informed her that I had more in my van, and if they still had the shopping cart that I would like to use it to bring the other supplies in.  So, she got up to show me where the shopping cart was and open the doors for me to go back out to the van.  While I was loading the supplies, a man was heading my way.  His name is Jim Colston and he is the Volunteer Coordinator at the Salvation Army. He explained the great need for donations this year because a major supporter had dropped out this year.  He talked about how the amount of supplies each child would get this year would be limited. But most importantly, Jim expressed his thanks for our church donations. Once again the members of Grace have answered a call from our community - so, thank you, Grace, for a job well done. 

Just a quick recap of what we collected this year:

Back packs (7), Filler Paper (31 packs), Composition Books (22), Binders (10), Spiral Notebooks (44), Pocket Portfolios (21), Pencils Boxes (9), Boxes of Tissues (13), No.2 Pencils (327), Packs of Index Cards (6), Highlighters (12), Packs of Colored Pencils (13), Boxes of Colored Markers (25), Glue Sticks (40), Scissors (49), Bottles of Glue (8), Rulers (12), Large Erasers (36), Pencil Shapers (15),  Ink Pens (70), Permanent Markers (4), Erasers Caps (90), Boxes of Crayons (41), Stretchable Book Covers (2), Boxes of White chalk (2), Stick on Flags (1), Packs of  Dry Eraser Markers (2), Hand Sanitizer (10)  and Notebook Dividers (1).

Until next year, God Bless you for caring about the needs of the children of God.

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”  Mark 9: 37