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Small Groups

What does it mean to grow in faith?

Have you heard terms like “faith development” or “spiritual growth” and wondered what they meant? Have you been curious about “small groups”? For many adults, Christian Education stopped back in the teen years, and Sunday School seems like something for children. And yet, as we grow in years, our understanding of most areas of life deepens. We learn more about how the world works and how to build relationships with others. We acquire new skills and hone old ones. We get better at whatever we spend our time on. Faith is like that. If we take the time to study and explore faith with others, we grow in understanding. If we make a habit of listening for God, we grow in patience and wisdom. If we learn to read the Bible, we find ourselves in the stories it contains. If we offer a welcome to the stranger, we just might discover the surprising presence of Christ. Where to start? Try a Sunday morning class. We have five adult classes. Visit them all. It is okay to have questions. We all have questions. Growing in faith does not mean answering all the questions. It means building a deeper and stronger relationship with God. And that’s important for us all.

If you are interested in joining a small group please contact us.