Celebrating God’s love, seeking God’s direction together.

Staff Serving Grace

Pastor - Rev. Forest "Hank" Teague

As a college freshman, Hank Teague didn’t realize God had blessed him with the courage to ask a beautiful brunette named Paula to dance. Looking back decades later, he can see God’s grace blessing every “next step” that he and Paula shared: matriculating college (Go Wolfpack!), marriage (since 1990) , careers (Electrical Engineer, Forester turned Pastor), parenting Forrest and Christi (the best kids ever!). Since 2015, Pastor Hank has been influencing the People of Grace to be more mature followers of Jesus through preaching, serving God, church, and community. He is most excited when he sees ordinary followers of Jesus maturing in faith, service, leadership and influence so that others begin walking with Jesus and maturing as disciples. Pastor Hank craves physical outdoor activity; including but not limited to, pursuits involving 2-stroke power equipment, bird dogs, and 20 lb. monofilament. Hank also reads way too much frontier fiction, often exploring a novel’s geographic settings via Google Earth (and he really believes that one day he’ll explore these places “for real,” when he and Paula retire and travel the country in an RV.)

Administrative Assistant - Shalonde Dozier-Calhoun

Director of Traditional Music - Dan Jackson

Praise Leader- Iris LaTulippe